Doing Pull Ups

2stopad Pull Ups

As pull ups are probably one of the best and most beneficial exercises, certainly regarding the upper body at least, many people opt to do them either on their own or as part of a larger more complete exercise program. It is not perhaps just that they are more beneficial than many other exercises but also the fact that they are easy to which makes them as popular as they are. For pull ups, unlike many other exercises, no expensive equipment is needed as any bar, providing it is secure, will suffice in order for you to use for your pull ups.

Although any secure bar would do, many people opt to buy a special bar suitable for pull ups and although one of the more popular ones they choose is the door-mounted pullup bar, there are other types like the free standing pull up bars or the wall mounted pull up bars and whichever one you opt for, it will allow you to do your pull ups in the convenience of your own home any time you are ready.

Why pull ups are considered so beneficial is because unlike many other exercises which only target one particular group of muscles, pull ups target several groups. Another exercise which is perhaps equally popular as pull ups is sit ups and that too targets several muscle groups and so like pull ups, is known as a compound exercise. Of course though, although they may both be known as compound exercises, they do not target the same muscle groups, with sit ups targeting the muscle groups in the lower body and pull ups targeting those in the upper body.

As far as the muscle groups that benefit from doing pull ups are concerned, although several are affected, some can be more directly targeted by the different positioning of the hands whilst doing them. For instance, with the hands wide apart the lateral muscles can be specifically targeted and another group can be targeted when the grip is with the hands close together. Yet another group will be targeted if the grip on the bar is reversed but pull ups with the hands reversed are referred to by many people as chin ups but they are basically the same exercise.

There are a lot of people that of course undergo exercise regimes in order to lose weight and whilst pull ups may not directly assist you in losing weight, they can still be beneficial to someone trying to lose weight. How pull ups benefit those attempting to achieve weight loss is by improving the heart rate which in turn will assist someone in carrying out other exercises which specifically target weight loss. This means that regardless of for what reason that someone should be doing exercises, there is always a need to include pull ups in their routine as well as perhaps sit ups. By doing just the two exercises you will receive great benefits including no expensive gym bills.

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